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Launched New Shopify Development Service

Launched New Shopify Development Service

Shopify development has risen as the easiest medium to distribute content on the internet effortlessly. The ease of use of this web platform settles on Shopify as the first choice for e-commerce site development. Besides, this stage is exceptionally adaptable and offers easy to incorporate apps with extended help for the Shopify Agency to develop with unique and differentiated style and imagery support.

How Shopify was made?

Shopify development, a Canadian based e-commerce company with it’s headquarter situated in Ottawa, Ontario is worldwide famous for its proprietary e-commerce platform establishment for online stores, e-commerce sites and retail point-of-sale systems.

With the launch of Shopify in the market in 2004 and integrating advanced features in this platform till date, the days are gone of having to worry about all the head-scratching issues and works that comes with setting up a website right from scratch, that too just to run our own online store.

Shopify undoubtedly is one of the most popular choices among the customers to set up their online store. Hire a Shopify developer so that they can offer tons of valuable extensions, and its ace in the sleeve – the simplicity of interaction.

What problem does Shopify platform solve?
  • It’s affordable – Cost is something you cannot ignore no matter what you are building. And building a store involves many other expenses which you need to balance out. Shopify agency helps you by providing quality services at affordable rates. If you compare it to other platforms, Shopify agency pay a lower monthly cost and get maximum services.
  • It lets you create attractive stores – It is very important that your store is visually attractive. Since there is no face to face interaction, hiring shopify developer is the only thing you get to showcase to your customers to earn their loyalty. Not only does they provide you a beautiful and responsive layout, you can choose from hundreds of themes which can be customized according to your requirements, allowing you to build unique online shops. Since Shopify development is a popular ecommerce platforms there are also many companies providing cost effective development solutions which you can avail of, in case you need to hire Shopify developer.
  • You don’t have to worry about web hosting – If you are just starting up your business online, web hosting can be a real headache. But with Shopify, you can be rest assured that your site’s servers are maintained properly by Shopify agency. Shopify platform pays for hosting, maintains the software, and also helps you handle your payment getaway hence making your work really easy and seamless.
  • You get in-built marketing tools – A store owner knows how much costs are involved in the marketing of the products. Shopify helps you here too! It has some built-in marketing tools to lower the costs of start-ups. It lets you put meta titles, the page title, meta description, unique URLs, make pages visible and invisible, and redirect pages wherever necessary and lets you optimize your store on your own terms. Moreover, Shopify development is integrated to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, the most popular social media platforms in the contemporary web where you can promote your products.
  • They provide commendable technical support – When you are running an online store, you will find yourself looking for some technical support every now and then. Shopify agency offers commendable technical support which you can lookout for, in case your website stops working or other glitches arise, Shopify customer care is available 24×7 to pick up your calls or revert you on live chats.
  • It’s secure – Even though it strikes your mind pretty much after all the things, it’s as important as others. Shopify agency spends a huge sum of money to ensure that their platform is secure and adhere to relevant rules and regulations. So, you can be sure that all of your security concerns are being taken care of.
Features of Shopify platform:

Free Trial:

You can try it free for 30 days. Take advantage of this offer by exploring the e-commerce website templates. Look under the hood and discover how easy it is to get your online store up and running fast.

50 E-Commerce Templates/Store Fronts to Choose From:

Shopify has 50 fantastic themes/template styles to choose from. You can also easily customize any theme or template so that you get the precise look and feel you want for your business.

No Contract Required:

When you use Shopify you don’t need to commit to any duration. You pay month-to-month.

No Computer Coding knowledge needed:

You don’t need to know how to build websites to set up a Shopify e-commerce store. Shopify makes it super easy to choose and set up any of its 50 templates simply by clicking buttons.

Payment Processing:

Shopify makes it super easy to integrate with a credit card gateway and/or Paypal. If you sell digital products, you can deliver them through an integrated app included with your Shopify subscription.

Low Monthly Cost:

Once you decide to use Shopify, it only costs $24 per month for a basic plan. You can sell up to 100 SKUs with this plan. There is no setup fee either. If you ever need to upgrade your plan, that’s very easy to do.

Automatic Back Ups:

Shopify backs up your store so you don’t have to be concerned about losing any data.

Customer and Technical Support:

You can contact Shopify for help, use their Shopify forums, and check out detailed tutorials in the Shopify Help Wiki.

Drop shipping Integration and Partners:

If you don’t want to pack and ship your orders you can use a partner drop shipper such as Fulfilment by Amazon, Shipwire, and Webgistix.

Benefits of Shopify

As an e-com shop creator, Shopify Custom Development brings in many advantages. This has popularized it extensively. Nevertheless, here is a listing some of the most important advantages of Shopify:

Ease of Management

Ease of management is a unique selling point of Shopify Development Services. A central control panel gives you an opportunity to manage content, product items etc.

Feasible Installation

Its subscription charges are highly affordable and the installation is very simple too. This helps the first-time users, as sometimes they lack basic awareness regarding the initial setup.

Vast Payment Options

Vast ranges of payment options are also available for your store. This delimits the loss of customers that you could face because of a lack of payment options.

Marketing Benefits

Shopify has pre-installations of SEO features and it has integration with Google analytics. This helps the store owners to keep in touch with their buyers and promote their store.

To implement a good Shopify strategy, it is very important for one to hire Shopify developer who has been in the industry for a long time. The benefit of this is that when you have an expert, various things are bound to happen. For instance with a good Shopify agency you will be at a better chance to get a custom-designed theme that goes in line with your company’s theme. In addition, when you have a good Shopify agency, search engine optimization will be enhanced. As such, it will be very possible for you to rank very high in the search engines.

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