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5 Tips to hire a freelancer Shopify developer

5 Tips to hire a freelancer Shopify developer

Shopify is becoming the first choice when it comes to e-commerce websites or e-commerce web design. Many small and big companies are using Shopify as a preferred platform for their e-Commerce websites.

To build a Shopify website, most of the time you need a qualified and experienced Shopify developer, and having a freelance Shopify developer has its benefits and some drawbacks. Let’s discuss these tips to find the best or better Shopify freelancer or freelance Shopify developer.

Experience of a freelance Shopify developer

It is very important for the developer you hire for your next project is an experienced one. You must find out more about the freelance developer, What kind of experience developer has? Do they only implement the theme as it is? or your developer has a Shopify theme customization experience? you must check what kind of certifications, qualifications and relevant experience they have to build your next Shopify store.

Once you have identified the relevant experienced Shopify developer, then you’re ready to move to the next step. credibility of the Shopify developer 

You must also check the credibility of your freelance Shopify developer, what kind of reviews they have been getting from previous projects. What clients have been saying about this particular developer, You can also use freelance portals like,,, and many others to check the credibility of your freelance Shopify developer. Once you are satisfied with the credibility and the reviews of the developer, you must now check the portfolio.

Portfolio of a Shopify developer.  

Checking the portfolio of your Shopify developer, you can find out what kind of Shopify stores your developer has built in the past. Ideally, it is very good if your freelance Shopify developer has built the store similar to your business i.e If you are running a business to sell cosmetics, then it is beneficial that your Shopify developer has gained some experience of making a store which sells cosmetics or similar products. If your store needs fulfillment or warehousing functionality, then you should ask your freelance Shopify developer to present any Shopify store which exhibits this kind of functionality in their previous work.

Communication, Reliability, and English fluency

Good communication is the key between you and your Shopify developer, you must make sure your developer understands you and is available when needed. Nowadays a lot of advertisements by Shopify developers promise many things but they fail to deliver when it comes to the practical world. Therefore you must clarify with your Shopify developer if they can speak English properly, they can understand you & you can understand them. What hours they can work and when they are available? when you need to talk to them. It will be worth checking if the freelance Shopify developer is in the same time zone as your time zone or do they have some hours of difference ahead or behind of your time so you can understand when the Shopify developer will be available to talk to you.

During the project communication

It’s very important to talk to your developer about your expectations to build your Shopify store. Do you expect to the developer to have good patience, Do you want the Shopify developer to give you ideas or do you want the Shopify developer to implement your ideas, how do you want to work with the Shopify developer and what expectations you have from your freelance Shopify developer is very important. Both parties must agree to these expectations to move forward.

I hope these tips will help you to find a suitable freelance Shopify developer as per your requirement to build your own Shopify store.

If you would like to discuss more or you would like to hire me as your freelance Shopify developer, I am happy to have an informal chat with you. Please send me a message on Linked in or just write in the comment !!

I look forward to your feedback on this article

Jas Brar – Experienced Shopify and PHP Developer


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