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For businesses hoping to increase their web presence, making sites and blogs are the best approaches. The usage of quality online content is difficult. By having suitable content on the web, whether on a blog or site, this allows for increased awareness of a business and its administrations. WordPress is editing and uploading blog CMS for web design companies to create and distribute this content online. With the capacity to make sites and blogs, web developers can easily offer their information with the world.


There are numerous WordPress benefits which are as follows:

  • WordPress is open-source CMS. This implies a large number of individuals around the world are continually taking a shot at it. WordPress is additionally a low-cost service. This is helpful to web developers because WordPress offers numerous important services all in one program.
  • WordPress is easy to understand. It is simple to learn and utilize. At last, you don’t need to be a specialist to update your site or blog. This is the reason such a large number of organizations use WordPress to share their news and information online.
  • WordPress makes it simple to add a blog to your site. WordPress can be installed on your own site’s server or through WordPress web hosting. The idea of starting and maintaining a blog can be upsetting to numerous businesses; but, WordPress makes it simpler to begin a blog. Stop utilizing confusing blogging sites, when you can easily utilize WordPress!
  • WordPress offers customization tools with numerous sites and blog themes to browse! Those are the days where changing your site’s look took hours. WordPress makes it simpler to modify your site or blog as fast and as often as you need.
  • WordPress additionally has the ability to introduce plugins. Plugins permit web designers to add a wide range of things to their site and blog, for example, pictures, maps, applications and many more. These are very simple and easy to install with WordPress. There is no specific reason to spend money on a web developer when you can use WordPress’s low cost tools.
  • WordPress is a CMS (content management system). This implies your business can utilize WordPress to team up data and information. This makes it simple to share data over the entire company! Things will complete rapidly and there will be less confusion.
  • Google adores WordPress because it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. WordPress is built such that it makes blogs and sites simpler to find on Google and other search engines. WordPress has a method for consequently announcing new content. WordPress additionally enables businesses to make well developed blogs and sites. This is crucial to maintaining good search engine rankings.
  • WordPress is safe to utilize! In a time where online security is frequently addressed, businesses might be careful about online safety. WordPress offers simple to install plugins that will make your site or blog more secure! WordPress takes the fear of keeping up an online site or blog.
  • WordPress sites and blogs have accessibility. This implies anybody can get to your business site or blog, because of WordPress. WordPress makes it simple to see your data on any PC, in any country, and on any gadget! As technology develops and changes, this is crucial for web designers.
  • WordPress enables your site to develop with you! When you have gotten the hang of WordPress, you’ll soon understand that it will keep on helping your business. While your necessities may change later on, whether it be a new website design or the need for a video gallery, WordPress can keep on helping you with all these requirements.



Here are the top 5 reasons for which you shouldn’t opt for a WordPress site:

  • Vulnerability – The greatest disadvantage of WordPress is its security. WordPress is an Open Source platform, and it depends on plugins and themes for customization. Both the plugins and the themes are created by various individuals and companies and since there isn’t anybody checking them, they can easily contain bugs or malicious code lines. On this, as expressed above, today, WordPress is the most famous content management system. This reality alone makes WordPress a practical objective for hackers all over. Actually, as indicated by a Sucuri report WordPress is the most hacked CMS stage around the world.
  • Can be costly – While WordPress itself is free, when taking a look at the entire picture there are huge expenses. WordPress depends on plugins and themes for customization, and keeping in mind that there are some that are free, they are not always or reliable. Besides, if you need your site to stand out and your guests to have an extraordinary look, you need to purchase a theme, as the free ones are overused. With various updates coming out continually, it can turn out to be very costly to keep your website up to date. Normally, in case you’re a WordPress designer, or have the information you can make a lot of modifications yourself, however, most people need to utilize a plugin or a well-developed theme.
  • Needs frequent updates – Simply installing WordPress, is going to help you very much as this platform requires a theme and at least several plugins to work properly. WordPress updates can often render parts of your theme or some plugins usable. The more plugins you use, the more likely it is for you to encounter more compatibility problems. The whole maintenance process in WordPress can be quite challenging, and you have to be ready to make adjustments to your plugins and theme in order to have a functional website. If you don’t have the budget or the knowledge (design, programming), giving the fact that in general WordPress doesn’t offer support, and solutions can only be found on WordPress forums, chances are that you should choose another website solution for you.
  • SEO friendliness – WordPress is definitely an SEO friendly platform, but so is virtually any open source CMS. However, for the people with little to no SEO experience and knowledge, WordPress can create quite a few problems. Probably the most known one is caused by the WordPress’ category and tagging system. If the content is over-tagged or marked into many categories, Google will flag it as duplicate content, a fact that will affect your SEO rankings.

With WordPress, you can make incredible sites, as it has numerous advantages that set off its massive popularity. But, a decision with respect to your site ought to be taken after you look and think about all the choices, favorable circumstances and drawbacks. In spite of all the publicity, WordPress might not be the correct decision for you, and you’ll be far better with a website built from scratch by professionals. Not taking a rational decision, and going with the flow may create a lot of problems in the future. The choice is yours.

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