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Web Design for a New Start-up Business

Web Design for a New Start-up Business

In modern day and age having a website is much needed for any start-up company.  Furthermore, Webezy offers start-up business web design for new & upcoming businesses. Also, with navigation facilities websites will attract fresh customers & improve the business.

Why a new start-up business needs a website?

Getting more customers to involve in your business & the products you sell is vital for a new start-up. Moreover, beautifully designed startup website is the most important tool for any new startup business. Therefore, it is essential to have a good design website for your start-up. Also, with fast internet access at their fingertips, customers will look for a business website.

5 Tips on Web Design for a start-up Business:

  • Create a Design Strategy – Beginning without a plan can make an improper website. Moreover, our design team at webezy offers a free consultation to discuss your Startup Business Web Design.
  • Keep customers in mind –  You must remember who are your customers, what are they looking for and how easy is for them to find anything on your website. Moreover, keep the web design simple and easy to navigate.
  • Prepare Adaptive Content Most people nowadays view websites on Mobile phones. Therefore, it is very important to consider web design for mobile devices along with normal computers.
  • Keep Things Simple  – Simple designs are easier to create, read and share. In addition to that, your website should clearly display your services to your customers.
  • Search Engine Optimised –  Design of your website must be optimised with Search Engine. In addition to that, if your website does not rank in Google, you will be losing a big chunk of your potential customer base.

How to afford the cost of web design on a tight budget?

It’s really hard to judge the cost of a website just by looking at the design. In addition to that, avoid hidden technical and financial pitfalls. Furthermore, choose the right solution for your budget level, technical level, and so on.

Also, there are plenty of sources for pricing chart. Moreover, the cost of building your website depends upon the following: Time, Technical knowledge, Design skills, and money.

How to choose a web design company?

It’s so essential to choose a design company based on target audience and business goals.

  • Portfolio
  • Office location
  • Customer service
  • Testimonials and references
  • Price

How long it takes to make a website and what information you need to provide to a web designer?

A website will take 14 weeks to launch. Moreover, this includes 4 weeks discovery, 4 weeks design, 2 weeks development, and 4 weeks of modifications. Furthermore, you can cut down to 10-12 weeks by working ahead of time. Also, there are certain information which should be provided to web designer.

  • Budget
  • Specific client requirements
  • Outline the client’s goals
  • Outline the target market
  • Time frame
  • Image quality
  • Provide images and text at the outset
  • Secure the necessary authorisations images and text
  • Provide web design samples

Why choose Webezy as web Design Company for your business website?

Choose Webezy as web design for your business website. Moreover, we offer the following services.

  • Friendly service
  • Good Reputation
  • Cost effective
  • Best skill set possessed by the company
  • SEO Friendly
  • Customized web development solution
  • Creates new and cheap website

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