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7 Step guide to successfully optimise your website for Google

7 Step guide to successfully optimise your website for Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the top ways to attract visitors to the website. Moreover, millions of people utilise search engines like Google each day. You can gain a lot of new clients if your website starts to show up in Google. Here are seven essential steps to have a successful SEO for your website.


Here are my steps to have a successful SEO for your website

  1. Domain name – Register a domain name that comprises at least one of the keywords that desire to rank for. In addition to that, avoid exact match domain names.
  2. URL – The purpose of URL is to help search engines understand the content of the page. In addition to that, it is necessary to make the page look more attractive in the search engine results. Furthermore, the URL should match the page title.
  3. Page Title – Each page holds one title. Moreover, the HTML code tags <title> and </title>are usually the post title in WordPress. It also can be edited by using a plugin such as Yoast.
  4. Meta description Tag – Every page should have a Meta description of up to 190 characters. In addition to that, this provides the good summary of the page. Meta descriptions often show the black text in search results. Furthermore, they should be attractive and motivate internet users to click.
  5. Keyword Density – Keep the keyword density for each word or phrase between 2 to 6%. Make sure that the major search engines understand different words that deliver the same meanings. In addition to that, the keywords should appear naturally within the main text content of the page.
  6. Internal Links – Whenever possible, get the link text to be descriptive. Moreover, there is no choice but to use ‘click here’ or ‘see more’. Make sure to change them into graphics. So that, their text is ignored.
  7. Visitor Behaviour – Make sure to have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for the website. Also, learn to study the successful pages and the not so successful pages. This is managed by clicking through rates, bounce rates, time on site, exit pages, visitor flow, etc.

Sounds a bit too much to do?

If you think this is too much work and you don’t have time to do so, you can hire an SEO Agency to carry out this work for you. Webezy offer Search Engine Optimisation services to help you bring your website up in Google results.

Why choose webezy as a Digital Marketing Agency?

Webezy is a web design company based in Harrow, we offer Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and other services to help you in the online world.

Here are some of the points why people choose us:

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